Choosing Your D.R.E.A.M. Floor

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Wednesday March 21, 2018
2 pm – 3 pm EST                                                           

Choosing Your D.R.E.A.M. Floor

Learn the 5 key attributes that are most important for boarding and daycare facilities.

One of the biggest decisions an animal care facility owner has to face is this: what is the best and proper flooring for my style of business?

This is true whether you are renovating an existing building, remodeling your existing facility, or building new. With endless options available, choosing the right floor is a confusing and important decision. The effect of an improper flooring choice or poor installation can cause delays in opening and/or warranty issues that cost you both time and money.

This presentation will begin by focusing on the five key floor attributes that are most important for boarding/daycare facilities, the most popular floor choices available today, and the newer alternatives. For each of the flooring options, both pros and cons of each will be reviewed. Next you will learn about what the proper flooring substrate is and tips on making certain your flooring contractors do a professional job, including current concrete testing methods and what the results mean. Lastly we will discuss how to make your D.R.E.A.M. Floor become a reality.

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Presented by: Jeff Adney, President – PermaTek Coatings.

Jeff Adney is the President of PermaTek Coatings – “Animal Care Flooring by the Animal Care Experts.” PermaTek Coatings is a national installation company that specializes in floor and wall coating solutions specifically for the animal care industry.  Jeff has worked in the resinous coating industry for the past 20 years and has been heavily involved in the Animal Care Industry for the past 16. Jeff has worked in the field, trained, sold and marketed for manufacturers and installation companies.  In addition to working with the various flooring and wall products specific to this industry, Jeff consults with designers and architects and enjoys speaking at the various animal care conferences, Veterinary Universities and privately sponsored events.  Jeff earned his BA degree at the University of Evansville and has since earned a Master Certificate in Decorative Concrete.

You can Contact Jeff at or 219 916 7229.